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Reasons to hire a wedding planner: Part 3

Happy November! I know, I know… it’s been a minute. The past few months have been absolutely insane. After wedding season, I got covid, followed by appendicitis, followed by a case of some serious burn-out. BUT, I am happy to finally be caught up and ready to get back into the swing of things. Engagement season has arrived, and whether there is a ring on your finger yet or not, you may still be considering if you want to hire a wedding planner for your wedding. Well, here is part 3 of the Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner blog series (be sure to check out the first two posts if you haven’t already). Last but not least, here are the 3 more reasons a wedding planner is worth the investment:

They handle the logistics so you can focus on fun

Planning a wedding require a lot of attention to detail, and I think this is one of the most underestimated parts of wedding planning. How do you seat your guests? If your wedding is in a tent, where do you put the buffet table and how far away should the guest tables be so it doesn’t get crammed? How do you make a photographer’s list? Do you need a liquor license or does the venue have it? These are all examples of small details that often don’t get addressed ahead of time and can create unnecessary anxiety and panic. Your wedding planner helps you think of all these details, and is capable of handling any minor details that would be missed. This leads us to our next point:

They find solutions as problems arise

No matter how prepared you are for your wedding, I can promise that there will be unexpected situations that pop up. There are some things completely out of your control, and we are human beings who make mistakes. Rather than try and solve all the unexpected situations that arise, you can let your wedding planner handle it. For example, this past spring I was coordinating a wedding and the florist forgot the pins for the boutonnieres for the groomsmen, father of the bride, and groom. The bride was in a robe with half a face of makeup, 20 minutes away from the nearest town & another 15 from the groom’s cabin. Rather than her, her mother, or bridesmaids come up with a solution, I stepped in. I knew safety pins would do the trick so I dove into my “wedding planner toolkit”, drove to the men’s cabin, and got them all suited up. Another time, the DJ never showed up for the ceremony due to a mix-up, so I stepped in to make sure the ceremony music got timed and played as it was planned. This did involve hunting down audio equipment as well, which was a little trickier, but we made it work! My point is, things happen, and having someone there whose sole task is to make sure things go smoothly can be the difference between a good day and a great day.

They make sure your timeline flows as smoothly as possible and stays on track

Sometimes the day just flies by, and you forget where you have to be and when. A wedding planner makes sure that you leave your venue in time for your must-have sunset photos, or that supper will be served before all the guests spend too much time in cocktail hour throwing back shots. Whatever you have planned for the day, your wedding planner will make sure it can all get done in time, and that you have things spaced out in a timely matter. Usually, wedding planners are capable of helping you months in advance of your wedding to make this timeline and to ensure that you aren’t putting too much in the schedule, while also making sure all your “must-haves” happen.

I hope that this helps shed some light on how a wedding planner or coordinator can help with your special day. If you have a knack for planning, then maybe you just want some help on that day, in which case you can just look into a coordinator. But if you just want to try on dresses and scroll through Pinterest while a professional handles the rest, then I would definitely suggest a planner to help you from beginning to end. If you are planning a wedding for summer 2023, now is definitely the right time to be thinking about how much help you want. As always, enjoy the process and remember that no matter what, you will have a beautiful wedding day.

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