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The Perfect Social Idea for Golf Lovers

A few weeks ago I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across a review for a wedding social idea that absolutely blew my mind. I found myself thinking “how are more people not doing this”! This genius couple saved themselves the hassel of liquor permits, DJ’s, and all the common social responsibilities and held a golf tournament to raise money instead! Let me explain this in some more detail, as this idea could work for so many different types of fundraisers:

Basically, they paid a Golf & Country Club a specific amount of money to cover a 1/2 cart, 9-hole round of golf, a sandwich on the course, and a meal after the round of golf. Then they marked up the price of the tickets to cover both that expense AND still profit off each ticket. I don’t remember exactly what their costs came to, but for example’s sake, let’s just say that they paid $100 per person for the cart, golf, and food. They then sold the tickets for $125, and profited $25 per ticket sold. Then, because we all know prizes are one of the best parts, they just had the prizes inside the country club for everybody to put raffle tickets into after they drank 12 beers during golf and come inside to sit down and have their included meal.

There’s a few reasons why I think this is genius. First, this is so much easier to budget for. Because you know what’s included in each ticket price, you know that with each ticket sold that that person’s expenses will be covered, and you will profit $25. You can budget ahead of time how many tickets you need to sell in order to break-even, and how much you could profit for each number of tickets sold.  Second, this saves you all the troubles of getting a liquor permit, as the Country Club can handle this. The guests can just pay the country club separately for the liquor. And finally, this is the type of social event that can get everybody involved! Even if you aren’t a big golfer, you can still have fun giving it your best shot with friends and family!

The only real downside I found to this was that some people might be upset they have to spend a larger amount than usual on a ticket, and that booze are an additional expense. But truthfully, I don’t think this would be that big of an issue. You also would need to have a backup in case of weather. If it pours rain, you would need to decide if you’re postponing, or if there is an alternative to this. My idea would be to convert all the social tickets purchased as golf gift cards instead, and then you’d still profit the same amount on the ticket price. I’d also suggest going to an 18-hole course so you can have some people start on the back 9 and some start on the front 9. This way you can sell double the amount of tickets.

So there you have it! If you are wanting to do something a little bit different for your social fundraiser, this is one fantastic idea. I think this would work great for any event fundraiser, and now I am eager to find more cool social ideas to share with you.

Did you do something unique for your social? I would love to know!

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful rest of your day (or night)!

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